Movie Premiere: Beyond the Bridge — Grandson’s First “Above the Title” Movie Credit!

My talented grandson Kameron Badgers — or I should say one of my talented acting grandsons, as both Ian and Duncan McAlister are also talented, award-winning actors — has been a working actor since he was about 10. He turns 17 next month.

During the last six years he’s worked in hit TV series, Hollywood films, and small indie projects in roles ranging from “blink and you miss him” scenes to major roles. It’s been quite a ride, with plenty of ups and downs. Last night, for example, we saw a Hollywood blockbuster that he auditioned for, and the young man who was cast looked so much like Kameron, and had such similar acting skills, that we wondered at first just what got him the part during callbacks. (And then we saw it: the two young actresses he was working with were both about 5’7″ or 5’8″ tall. And the cast actor was taller than them, which was important in a couple of scenes. So they may have used height — or eye color — or something we can’t imagine — as the criteria to cast him instead. He did a great job, though!)

On March 30 and 31, 2018, he’ll be walking the red carpet to celebrate the release of the first indie movie where he gets “above the title” credit on the movie poster. It’s not a blockbuster. But it’s an important film, and I couldn’t be prouder of my grandson.

Kameron Badgers movie poster Beyond the Bridge

Kameron Badgers is making his first appearance at the top of a movie poster for the new film Beyond the Bridge, making its debut at the end of the month.

To him, it’s just another screening. Not a big deal. But I’m very excited for him, and look forward to seeing the film at the end of the month!  Here’s a link to the trailer for it. It’s a serious film about drug abuse, mental health, and suicide, and Kameron’s role is pivotal to the story. It was hard to hear him say some of his lines — it scared me to think about being in the real-life situation where someone I love said things like that.

Here’s a 30-second video of Kameron talking about the character he plays in the movie — he has some good advice for parents, teachers, and mental health professionals in the short clip!


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