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Tax Tips for Actors, Artists, Musicians, Clowns, Magicians, Writers & Other Creative Folk

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It’s tax time. This (long) blog post is written for: Actors Artists Sculptors Potters Photographers Writers Dancers Musicians Singers Clowns Jugglers Magicians Aerialists and circus performers Comedians Drag queens and female impersonators In short, it’s for most people who work … Continue reading

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Is Working as an Extra Worth It?

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Several weeks ago, LA Weekly had an amazing article by journalist Hillel Aron titled, Some Hollywood Extras Suffer, But Others are Rolling in It. Aron’s article deals with the huge difference in earning potential and working conditions between those extras … Continue reading

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I Went to Niagara Falls & My Only Souvenier is a Broken Wrist

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I’ve been to Niagara Falls before — but always from the Canadian side. So, on a recent trip driving my grandson home from summer camp in Vermont, we decided to stop on the American side of the falls. It was … Continue reading

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A Disabled Teen’s Caregiver Talks about Periods

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The curse. A visit from Aunt Flo. A trip to Camp Flow. Surfing the crimson wave. Falling off the roof. On the rag. Mother Nature’s monthly gift. Whatever euphemism your family uses for menstruation, it’s a subject that the parents … Continue reading

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10 Best Rock-n-Roll Covers

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You might be wondering why a blog that usually focuses on marketing, social media, law, and family matters including my family’s passions for circus and acting is posting an article about rock music. The reason is simple: I fully intend … Continue reading

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Thinking of Snooping on Your Beloved’s Phone? Judge Says Don’t

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If we’re being honest, most of us have been at least tempted to take a peek when our spouse or significant other leaves their phone, unlocked, just sitting there. And more than a few of us have gone beyond temptation, … Continue reading

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Tax Tips for the Parents of Child Actors

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My 14-year-old wants to be a star. So we’ve spent the past five years investing in his future with classes, workshops, headshots, taped auditions, and travel to and from auditions. My grown-up son has been a stunt performer and actor … Continue reading

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