The Definitive Guide to Secure Mobile Printing

Breezy ebook coverLike a lot of others, my iPad surprised me when I first got it and discovered that there was no way to print easily from it. Since mine was a gift, I just added that to a list of other reasons I was glad I hadn’t paid for it.

But it isn’t that easy for the millions of tablet users for whom their iPad or Android tablet is a vital part of their everyday work life. The paperless office is a long way off, and the ability to print is one of the basic needs for many business activities.

I just finished working with Breezy, a company in which I am a small shareholder and for which I provide marketing services, on a new ebook called The Definitive Guide to Mobile Printing. It’s available free, for download, at this link.

We packed the 38-page guide with information that isn’t readily available anywhere else, including:

  1. The Consumerization of IT (and how it’s causing security problems)
  2. What the Analysts Say (about mobile device security)
  3. Who Needs Mobile Printing? (it’s not “nice to have” — it’s essential for many workers)
  4. Employee Behavior: The Weakest Link (people will do whatever they think it takes to get the job done, even if that means downloading with insecure apps)
  5. Types of Mobile Printing Solutions (and how to decide what will work for your business)
  6. How to Protect Company Data (on-device encryption and other solutions)
  7. Mobile Printing Compliance Issues (courts and regulatory agencies are starting to take a close look — what you need to know now)
  8. Making the Business Case for Secure Mobile Printing (how to decide if you need a secure mobile print solution, select what you need, and get management approval to buy it)
  9. Comparing Mobile Printing Solutions (a handy comparison table of the top brands, including Breezy)

I think the Breezy team did a great job on the book, and I think you will, too.  Whether you’re a mobile device user, an IT manager, or a security or compliance manager, this 38-page ebook just might be the best free download you find anytime soon. Here’s the link again — I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed working on it!

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  1. Ray Jr. says:

    These tips are so true.

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