Want to be in a movie? Here’s how anybody can do it

My grandson, Kameron Badgers, offers a teenager’s take on how anybody can be in the movies.  My take on the same subject is on this blog at this link. Enjoy!

Kameron Rie Badgers

rew setting up Color Me You It takes a lot of people to make a movie. Lots of people on the crew, lots of actors (people with lines to say, or featured actions selected by a casting director are called “actors”), lots of extras (extras seldom have lines, and are usually hired based on a photo instead of an audition), and lots of behind-the-scenes workers. This is just part of the crew working to set up on the set of Color Me You yesterday in Flower Mound, Texas.

Yesterday, my grandpa and I were in a movie. So were several dozen other people — some of them are actors, and others are just people who showed up to be in the film. The truth is, anybody can be in a movie or TV show if you’re willing to work as an “extra”.

Extras are those uncredited people you see in the background of nearly every scene…

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