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Proper Passwords Protect Your Pictures (and Your Reputation)

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Once again, the tabloids are having a field day with stories about nude photos of celebrities stolen by hackers and spread across the Internet. Despite what some B-list celebrities are saying, it isn’t blaming the victim to remind young women … Continue reading

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Social Media and Online Privacy: Did We Celebrate Too Soon?

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Remember last year when everybody on Facebook got all upset because some employers and colleges were asking applicants for social media passwords, and then judging them by what they had posted? State lawmakers around the country spotted an election year … Continue reading

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Don’t Call It a Cell Phone: Just Call It a Trackable Tether

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Last week, I was walking across our family room carrying the iPad I got as a gift last summer. Suchi and Raglan, our Tibetan Terrier puppies, came barreling down the hall playing tug of war with a stuffed elephant, collided with … Continue reading

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Facebook and Twitter are NOT Your Friends

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One of the lessons that seems hardest for people to learn about social media sites is that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites — from dating sites like Match.com to online communities for people with specific diseases like RA.com — aren’t … Continue reading

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