Proper Passwords Protect Your Pictures (and Your Reputation)

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Once again, the tabloids are having a field day with stories about nude photos of celebrities stolen by hackers and spread across the Internet. Despite what some B-list celebrities are saying, it isn’t blaming the victim to remind young women … Continue reading

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5 Easy Ways to Get Sued Over Online Content & Social Media

I’ve been writing digital content since the universe of online content consisted of forums on CompuServe and AOL. A lot of things have changed since I published my first online articles in the 1980’s – but one thing that remains … Continue reading

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Google Reads Email, Turns Houston Gmail User In to Police

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KHOU television reports that police arrested a Houston man on child pornography charges after Google spotted a sexually explicit picture of a young girl in his email, and turned him in to a not-for-profit organization which passed his identify along to … Continue reading

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Crowd Funding: Three Issues to Consider Before You Post Your Request — Or Contribute to a Campaign

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Nobody is against free money, right? So crowd funding can seem like a panacea for a wide range of problems.  And everybody is doing it.  Just write a good story that explains why people should send you a few bucks, … Continue reading

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A Fresh Look at Copyright & Fan Fiction

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As a non-lawyer who writes often about legal topics, the last thing I want to see in my email inbox is a message from a nationally recognized legal expert who is pointing out a mistake in something I wrote. That’s … Continue reading

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Study Says Online Social Norms Create Copyright Violations

A new study from Georgia Tech says that mash ups, fan fiction and content sharing have created new complexities in copyright that have effectively turned the legal concept of “fair use” on its ear. Research into fan fiction and other types … Continue reading

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What I Learned from the Worst Employee Ever

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Recently, a reporter asked me to describe the employee who haunts my nightmares. I’ve been supervising employees for more than 33 years now, and I’ve a managed thousands of employees in my career. But it didn’t take me long to come … Continue reading

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