5 Unbreakable Acting Resume Rules

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Several years ago, a director spotted my grandson juggling at a local festival, and asked him to come in for a part in a national commercial.  The casting director sent an email: “Arrive at 10 a.m., and bring a headshot and resume.” … Continue reading

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Lessons I Learned from a Saguro Cactus and a Friend

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I met Beverlee Carlson LaBonte on the day when my 19-year-old son and her 17-year-old daughter informed us that we were going to become grandmothers. I wasn’t happy about it. She was.  The first complete sentence I heard from the … Continue reading

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How Google Killed the Cult — but Can’t Kill the Scam

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A couple of months ago, a Facebook friend posed the question, “Why don’t kids join cults anymore?” My reply to the inquiry wound up in an article in the Jewish Daily Foward titled, Jewish Parents Once Feared Kids Joining Cults — … Continue reading

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Proper Passwords Protect Your Pictures (and Your Reputation)

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Once again, the tabloids are having a field day with stories about nude photos of celebrities stolen by hackers and spread across the Internet. Despite what some B-list celebrities are saying, it isn’t blaming the victim to remind young women … Continue reading

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Google Reads Email, Turns Houston Gmail User In to Police

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KHOU television reports that police arrested a Houston man on child pornography charges after Google spotted a sexually explicit picture of a young girl in his email, and turned him in to a not-for-profit organization which passed his identify along to … Continue reading

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Crowd Funding: Three Issues to Consider Before You Post Your Request — Or Contribute to a Campaign

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Nobody is against free money, right? So crowd funding can seem like a panacea for a wide range of problems.  And everybody is doing it.  Just write a good story that explains why people should send you a few bucks, … Continue reading

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A Fresh Look at Copyright & Fan Fiction

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As a non-lawyer who writes often about legal topics, the last thing I want to see in my email inbox is a message from a nationally recognized legal expert who is pointing out a mistake in something I wrote. That’s … Continue reading

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