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Who should pay the copyright police?

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Nate Anderson wrote a fascinating article last week in the Ars Technical Law & Disorder report titled Unhappy Mounties sick of being private copyright cops   Based in part on recently released documents from the U.S. and Canada, as well as … Continue reading

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Managing the Proliferation of Marketing Channels

If you’ve been in marketing for 20 years or more (as I have), you’ve seen our profession undergo more changes that I thought possible when I got my MBA.  The biggest change has been the proliferation of communications channels. Twenty … Continue reading

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The End of IT As We Know It – And We Feel Fine

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When I finished business school, the graduates who got snapped up for corporate jobs first were those in finance, and those in IT.  Us lowly marketing types were a distant third in the MBA recruiter’s minds. For years, as I … Continue reading

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Why TV’s Mad Men Would Fail in Today’s Market

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First, let me say that I don’t like the TV show Mad Men.  But I’m almost old enough to remember when a handful of white, male ad agency executives in New York controlled nearly everything the public saw and heard in … Continue reading

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