Mastering marketing metrics

I’m speaking next week at a webinar sponsored by Distribion (where I am Director of Marketing, and editor of the Distributed Marketing Blog) and Vertical Nerve, the agency I hired to handle SEO and PPC for Distribion.

Now, I’m the first to admit that I’m not an SEO or SEM expert — I earned my marketing MBA in the days when we talked about word of mouth — not word of mouse — and measured marketing on a completely different sort of analytics.

I’m too young to remember the days of TV’s Mad Men — but my career will end as marketing becomes more and more the province of what I call the “math men”:  marketers who understand marketing metrics, and how to apply them to day-to-day multi-channel marketing.  That’s what the webinar is about:  mastering marketing metrics.

If you join us for the one-hour session, you won’t walk away as an SEO/SEM expert, but you’ll be able to read and understand graphics like the one illustrating this blog post.  More importantly, we’re hoping that participants will come away with answers to the most common marketing questions I hear.

What’s the value of a click? Why does time of day matter in email and social media marketing? What’s bounce rate — and why does it matter? How do I calculate ROI on a web-based marketing campaign — which numbers are the most important? How do I know what platform my website visitors are using (mobile, which browser, etc.)? How can I create landing pages and microsites that help with conversions? How do I know the source of website visits – and how to improve conversion from blog and social media traffic?

And, last, but hardly least, how do I take the data that I have access to and turn it into actionable information that matters — to me as a marketer and to top management?

The webinar is free, and open to anyone — but space is limited.  Reserve your spot now by clicking here: How Google Analytics and real-time marketing metrics can optimize multi-channel marketing. The webinar, on Wednesday, October 26 at 11 a.m. Central (Noon Eastern, 9 a.m. Pacific), will be moderated by Ernie Cote, General Manager of Vertical Nerve, and the amazing Tyson Kirksey, director of analytics & search marketing at Vertical Nerve.  (He really does understand this stuff inside and out — and can explain it in English, which many of his peers don’t seem to be able to do in a way that I can translate into actionable marketing “to do’s” as well as information that helps me get budget approval from top management.)  I’ll be speaking, too, and I think I have a few things worth sharing.

Hope to see you there! 

Graphic credit:  Google product manager Avinash Kaushik made this graphic of his own Google Analytics site av ailable under a Creative Commons license.

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I'm a Dallas-based marketing consultant and writer, who specializes in helping start-up technology companies grow. I write (books, articles, and blogs) about marketing, technology, and social media. This blog is about all of those -- and the funny ways in which they interesect with everyday life. It's also the place where I publish general articles on topics that interest me -- including commentary about the acting and film communities, since I have both a son and grandson who are performers.
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2 Responses to Mastering marketing metrics

  1. Flo says:

    Hi there, unfortunately I missed it. is it possible to get a recording of the webinar?

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