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What Do We Do About Workplace Liars?

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At the “pitch day” event held by a local start-up accelerator, I  ran into someone I used to work with. We were never friends, but I held no grudge towards her. During her pitch, she made several statements that I … Continue reading

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Electronic Arts Pogo Games: My WORST Customer Support Experience

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Some years ago, I broke my pelvis in three places. For months, I literally sat in one place (couldn’t walk, couldn’t lie down). I was so bored, I started playing online games on a website called, operated by Electronic … Continue reading

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Summertime Security for Your Smartphone

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Memorial Day has come and gone, and our family is planning its summer vacation. Bet yours is, too. One lesson we learned the hard way recently is that the mobile devices every family member carries contain WAY too much personal … Continue reading

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How Google Killed the Cult — but Can’t Kill the Scam

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A couple of months ago, a Facebook friend posed the question, “Why don’t kids join cults anymore?” My reply to the inquiry wound up in an article in the Jewish Daily Foward titled, Jewish Parents Once Feared Kids Joining Cults — … Continue reading

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Crowd Funding: Three Issues to Consider Before You Post Your Request — Or Contribute to a Campaign

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Nobody is against free money, right? So crowd funding can seem like a panacea for a wide range of problems.  And everybody is doing it.  Just write a good story that explains why people should send you a few bucks, … Continue reading

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What I Learned from the Worst Employee Ever

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Recently, a reporter asked me to describe the employee who haunts my nightmares. I’ve been supervising employees for more than 33 years now, and I’ve a managed thousands of employees in my career. But it didn’t take me long to come … Continue reading

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The Definitive Guide to Secure Mobile Printing

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Like a lot of others, my iPad surprised me when I first got it and discovered that there was no way to print easily from it. Since mine was a gift, I just added that to a list of other … Continue reading

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