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Three Email Marketing Mistakes that Kill ROI

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Marketers send more than 122 billion commercial emails every hour. So to those who say that email marketing doesn’t work, I say, “Marketers wouldn’t spend money on a tool that doesn’t work.” Well, the good ones wouldn’t! The truth is … Continue reading

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Proper Passwords Protect Your Pictures (and Your Reputation)

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Once again, the tabloids are having a field day with stories about nude photos of celebrities stolen by hackers and spread across the Internet. Despite what some B-list celebrities are saying, it isn’t blaming the victim to remind young women … Continue reading

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New Sources for Free Photos & Images for Bloggers

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Is there a budget-conscious blogger, PR person or marketer who hasn’t been tempted to right-click on an image found by a search image and “save as” before using it? Probably not. Luckily, most of us know better than to steal … Continue reading

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What the Dylan Farrow Story Says About Me

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In the mid-1990’s, I was in New York with a technology client who is also a musician. One evening during a week-long business trip, he headed off to a small club in Greenwich Village where he sat in on a … Continue reading

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How to Increase Traffic for Your Blog: What Worked for Me

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At the end of every year, I try to look back at what I did right – and what I did wrong – in writing, promoting, and managing my blog. One of the first things I look at are the … Continue reading

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5 Things Parents of Would-be Child Stars Need to Know

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When you have a child who catches acting fever, there is no cure. So strap yourself in for a long, strange roller-coaster ride! Recently, our resident 12-year-old actor attended a workshop taught by 20-year-old actress Jennifer Stone.  You probably know … Continue reading

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Are You Careful (Enough) In How You Phrase an Online Review?

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A writer friend of mine called me this morning before 9 a.m. I knew it was important, because when a writer picks up the phone that early in the morning, it usually involves blood or at least gore. Not this … Continue reading

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Are You a Professional Writer? Would the IRS Agree?

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I’m a professional writer. Are you? Thousands of dollars in taxes can often ride on a single question: is a writer a professional or an amateur? One of the things I’ve written recently is a new white paper for my … Continue reading

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Best Anti-SLAPP Letter Ever!

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Businesses, elected officials, government agencies, and lawyers file SLAPP suits against people who are doing something they don’t like. The acronym stands for “Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation”, and started as a name for the suits that elected officials and … Continue reading

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Marketing Tip: Drop People Who Sue You from Your Lists

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I’ve been setting aside birthday cards for several weeks in anticipation of my milestone birthday tomorrow.  And this morning, over breakfast, I decided to open them. One of them was from an address I thought looked familiar, but couldn’t quite … Continue reading

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