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Can You Trust Online Reviews? Sometimes

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Over 100 million reviews have been posted on Yelp. Some of them, no doubt, are extremely accurate. Some are slightly biased. And some are downright fantasy. At least that’s what the New York Times says in an article. If that … Continue reading

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New Sources for Free Photos & Images for Bloggers

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Is there a budget-conscious blogger, PR person or marketer who hasn’t been tempted to right-click on an image found by a search image and “save as” before using it? Probably not. Luckily, most of us know better than to steal … Continue reading

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Are You Careful (Enough) In How You Phrase an Online Review?

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A writer friend of mine called me this morning before 9 a.m. I knew it was important, because when a writer picks up the phone that early in the morning, it usually involves blood or at least gore. Not this … Continue reading

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It’s Hollywood vs. Silicon Valley: And You Could Lose Big

It’s Hollywood against Silicon Valley when it comes to lobbing around the new anti-piracy legislation pending in Washington DC.  And both sides are taking a stance that can hurt average consumers like you and me, I think. The new laws would give … Continue reading

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How to find great photos for your blog

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Looking for great photos for your blog or social media site — without spending much cash?  Good news from Silicon Valley this week: Wired.com staff-produced are now available in high-resolution format under a Creative Commons license on a newly launched … Continue reading

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Legal nightmares to scare bloggers on Halloween

Considering that this post appeared on Plagiarism Today, I’m going to be VERY careful about sharing it.  So I will say only this:  if you are a blogger or social media user, Click on this link — and read this … Continue reading

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Free Justin Bieber – and the rest of us, too!

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Seen the online photos of Justin Bieber in prison yet? If not, chances are you will before long, because the viral campaign from a new activist group is turning up everywhere online. The idea behind the campaign is that a bill from … Continue reading

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Social media’s hidden litigation threat: the right of publicity

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There’s no doubt that the  idea of a parent threatening a social media savvy teen with an embarrassing YouTube video is funny.  But did you know that you could be liable for posting embarrassing photos of your friends or family members … Continue reading

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Digital copyright gets more complicated

Awhile back, I published a post on copyrights for bloggers.  It’s time to take another look at the subject in the wake of a ruling from U.S. Circuit Judge John M. Walker Jr. of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.  … Continue reading

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Having Your Say Without Losing Your Shirt

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Litigation over what happens in social media and blogs is growing at alarming rates.  It’s scary enough to hear that you’re being sued, but the scariest term a lawyer can use in my presence is the phrase “personally liable.”   That … Continue reading

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