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It’s Hollywood vs. Silicon Valley: And You Could Lose Big

It’s Hollywood against Silicon Valley when it comes to lobbing around the new anti-piracy legislation pending in Washington DC.  And both sides are taking a stance that can hurt average consumers like you and me, I think. The new laws would give … Continue reading

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Hey, Dummies: That’s Illegal!

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Not to be outdone by the movie, music, and TV industries, a print publisher (John Wiley & Sons) has joined the party and filed its first mass copyright infringement lawsuit  against BitTorrent users.  27 “John Doe” defendants have been sued … Continue reading

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Legal nightmares to scare bloggers on Halloween

Considering that this post appeared on Plagiarism Today, I’m going to be VERY careful about sharing it.  So I will say only this:  if you are a blogger or social media user, Click on this link — and read this … Continue reading

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Free Justin Bieber – and the rest of us, too!

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Seen the online photos of Justin Bieber in prison yet? If not, chances are you will before long, because the viral campaign from a new activist group is turning up everywhere online. The idea behind the campaign is that a bill from … Continue reading

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Chaining a copyright troll: good news for copyright owners

Remember that scene in the first Lord of the Rings movie where the cave troll with a dangling, broken chain around its neck threatens everyone in sight?  Well, it looks as if one of the biggest copyright trolls in the … Continue reading

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Digital copyright gets more complicated

Awhile back, I published a post on copyrights for bloggers.  It’s time to take another look at the subject in the wake of a ruling from U.S. Circuit Judge John M. Walker Jr. of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.  … Continue reading

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Copyright Wars Escalate: News from the Front Lines

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One of my new favorite websites, Myce.com is full of news about the ongoing battle over how copyright law can or should be enforced online.  Myce is an “online community” started in the EU which allows anyone to share news, links, reviews, … Continue reading

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