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Social Media and Online Privacy: Did We Celebrate Too Soon?

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Remember last year when everybody on Facebook got all upset because some employers and colleges were asking applicants for social media passwords, and then judging them by what they had posted? State lawmakers around the country spotted an election year … Continue reading

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Ex-Employee sued for Twitter contacts

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According to Forbes.com the ongoing battle over who owns social media contacts — the employer or the employee — heated up today with another employer suing a former employee over ownership of a social media account and its contacts. This time the … Continue reading

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Who Owns LinkedIn Contacts — Employer or Employee?

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Who owns your LinkedIn profile? (Hint:  it might not be you.) That was the headline on a post on this blog back in June, 2011 — and the answer that I arrived at with help from a number of legal and compliance experts … Continue reading

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Don’t IM your way into a lawsuit

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Remember when there was a clear difference between “official” corporate communications and casual conversation between employees and vendors or customers?  Before long, that dividing line may be nothing more than a memory.  More and more often, courts are ruling that … Continue reading

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Customer Service Meets Social Media: Now What?

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For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working on a presentation for the LIMRA Social Media Conference for Financial Services.   Some of the concepts in that presentation are old hat to me — for instance, the fact that consumers who … Continue reading

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Half of U.S. Employees Admit to Ignoring Social Media Policies

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According to the nCircle 2011 Social Media Security Trends Survey, over half of U.S. employees (66%) admit to ignoring social media policies published by their employers while 44% (down from 48% in 2010) say that they always comply with the … Continue reading

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Google+ Hoopla Hiding a Real Danger?

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Last week, the world was buzzing about Google+.    I got an invitation, but I haven’t tried it yet.  I probably won’t until absolutely forced to do so.  But the hoopla surrounding its launch got me thinking about all the other social media … Continue reading

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