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Harnessing the power of word-of-mouse

Every marketer knows that “viral” is the holy grail for any marketing campaign.  We all want to experience the success that comes when a marketing campaign “goes viral”. Think of the Old Spice guy video (24 million views in 36 … Continue reading

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Hey, Dummies: That’s Illegal!

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Not to be outdone by the movie, music, and TV industries, a print publisher (John Wiley & Sons) has joined the party and filed its first mass copyright infringement lawsuit  against BitTorrent users.  27 “John Doe” defendants have been sued … Continue reading

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Who Owns LinkedIn Contacts — Employer or Employee?

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Who owns your LinkedIn profile? (Hint:  it might not be you.) That was the headline on a post on this blog back in June, 2011 — and the answer that I arrived at with help from a number of legal and compliance experts … Continue reading

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Legal nightmares to scare bloggers on Halloween

Considering that this post appeared on Plagiarism Today, I’m going to be VERY careful about sharing it.  So I will say only this:  if you are a blogger or social media user, Click on this link — and read this … Continue reading

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How to succeed in blogging by really trying

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Last Valentine’s Day, I started my job as Director of Marketing for a SaaS software company that sells multi-channel marketing automation solutions to large distributed marketing organizations in regulated industries.  One of the things that was on the long to-do … Continue reading

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Social media isn’t free

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Are you as tired as I am of hearing that social media is a great, free way to promote a business?  It’s great, but social media isn’t free. For a social media marketing campaign you need people, time, and technology … Continue reading

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Free Justin Bieber – and the rest of us, too!

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Seen the online photos of Justin Bieber in prison yet? If not, chances are you will before long, because the viral campaign from a new activist group is turning up everywhere online. The idea behind the campaign is that a bill from … Continue reading

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