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Avoiding the gray-market grinch this Christmas

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First off, let me say that what I am posting here is largely a blatant rip-off from my friend and former business partner Te Smith, and her company Mark Monitor.  Mark Monitor is the global leader in helping big brands track … Continue reading

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Creating Contagious Content, Consistently

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Earlier today, I joined MyPRGenie for a session on the tips and techniques that marketers can use to help content “go viral” – even without a video. It was a huge success, attended by a wide range of PR folks, marketers … Continue reading

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Ex-Employee sued for Twitter contacts

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According to the ongoing battle over who owns social media contacts — the employer or the employee — heated up today with another employer suing a former employee over ownership of a social media account and its contacts. This time the … Continue reading

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How to find great photos for your blog

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Looking for great photos for your blog or social media site — without spending much cash?  Good news from Silicon Valley this week: staff-produced are now available in high-resolution format under a Creative Commons license on a newly launched … Continue reading

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My walk in Central Park with Joe Frazier

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Smokin’ Joe Frazier lost the fight against cancer yesterday, at the age of 67.  I’m saddened by his death.  You see, I was lucky enough to get to know Joe Frazier years ago, and I can attest that he was … Continue reading

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Harnessing the power of word-of-mouse

Every marketer knows that “viral” is the holy grail for any marketing campaign.  We all want to experience the success that comes when a marketing campaign “goes viral”. Think of the Old Spice guy video (24 million views in 36 … Continue reading

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Hey, Dummies: That’s Illegal!

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Not to be outdone by the movie, music, and TV industries, a print publisher (John Wiley & Sons) has joined the party and filed its first mass copyright infringement lawsuit  against BitTorrent users.  27 “John Doe” defendants have been sued … Continue reading

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